IPP Care Pathways

In Practice Prevention Programme Care Pathways

The In Practice Prevention Programme (IPP) uses a Care Pathway (CP) approach to the delivery of Prevention interventions and messages. Children between the ages of 3 – 16 are included in the IPP Programme. General Dental Practitioners signpost children in to the IPP Programme at the Oral Health Assessment. Children are signposted if they have caries or if they require referral for G.A exodontia

The IPP Programme is delivered by Practice Teams of trained Nurses. The Nurses have undergone H.E.E training on Dental Health Education and Fluoride Varnish application. The Nurses and Practice Manager and/ or Clinical Directors have also attended a dedicated IPP training session.

This page contains all the IPP Care Pathway information.

Mostly the Caries Pathway is delivered by the General Dental Services and the G.A Pathway is delivered by the Community Dental Service. In Hull this has been modified to include a team approach to the delivery of the GA Pathway where IPP Sites refer GA cases.

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